Gabrielle Pilote

don't let unrealistic expectations overshadow the fulfillment of your achievements

Today’s lesson was: STAY HUNGRY FOR LIFE, but don’t starve to death!! . . I had to practice my hunger. Since it’s sunday and still after 4 years of living in europe, I forget no stores are open on sundays ! I only had a banana at home and a 5,5 h ride to do! Luckily I had my hand on this fabulous pretzel 🥨, they are my absolute favourite, so are long endurance rides! In the end,Some bad planing turned into the cherry on top of my sunday! Now that a good training block is over, it’s time to travel to Tuscany for @wnt_rotor team camp that starts tuesday ! I’m sure you’ll see loads of great teammates story moments happening on our instagrams !! stay tuned, and remember stay hungry 😋 😘

  • Cibc team next
  • Alcoa
  • Global relay
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