Gabrielle Pilote

don't let unrealistic expectations overshadow the fulfillment of your achievements

I lived in three decades without even reaching 30Y/O yet! 2000-2010-2020, I can wait to see what this one has to offer, but i’m sure this can only get so hard when you have on your side all the incredible people that I have. I’m great full for my family, for my love and my friends. I’m thankful for all the opportunities I have and I am over happy and excited to jump right in a new life chapter✌🏼🇩🇰 , @massitactic . @3therese Thanks for coming over and celebrate the new year with us, thanks for the last 4 years and cheers to this amazing friendship 😘, @k_asgreen @suzannepilote @rayfort14 @tite.laine @rem_la_creme @pilotefortin @isabelle.pearson @fortin844 Thanks/ merci for being the best Family of all @asgreenhenriette Thanks for your kindness and to invite me into your family 🥰 . for sure I am missing some people. But Thank you everyone and I wish you all a 10 next years filled with joy and happiness 💎🎉 . #2020 #happynewyear

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