Gabrielle Pilote

don't let unrealistic expectations overshadow the fulfillment of your achievements

Making time for PREhab. Even 30min off you day can prevent weeks and weeks of recovery for stupid little injuries. - I’m finally able to enjoy only having to focus on being a pro athlete and not a MKG student anymore. It is so hard to balance school work and cycling at the same time, especially if you are a little OcD and perfectionist like I am. Having write over 100 pages on branding strategy and race a belgium #WWT belgium classic the next day is definitely challenging. I am not complaining at all or making any excuses, I am totally owning the fact that I put myself through these challenges. It is very difficult tho and I have to admit I have been struggling at races, the pressure I put on myself to perform is probably the reason why, and I know I have to learn to be nicer to myself and forgive me for just being human! - We are all normal humans, sometimes we do incredible things, sometimes we do shit, it’s normal, it’s life 😉. - BUT FOR THE TIME BEING. I’m very happy to get to enjoy life as a pro cyclist for a couple months and will be back at the brain gain in september 🙃😇.... (still have finals to come but it’s not stressful! I know I am ready, I know I will A it 😘)

  • Cibc team next
  • Alcoa
  • Global relay
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