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As today is environment day, I took sometime to think about how big of a part is actually as to play in our daily life! Obviously as procyclist, we get to spend most of our day surrounded by nature and we get to appreciate all it as to offer! On the other hand, all of the traveling we have to do to go from one race to an other makes our carbon footprint very high also counting all of the energy is required to make everything about procycling possible! We have to realize how much our way of living has an impact on the environment and try to take steps to minimize it. Recycling, not using plastic bags for grocery produces, trying to use my things and fix them until the very last option, using a reusable water bottle and coffe cup, buying only local/ fare trade/ secondhand clothes are just a few of the things I try to implement in my daily life! I may not be the very best in all aspects of my life but i really try to make an efforts on the things I do have control on. What are the steps you do? - I hope this post and today will inspire you to rethink some of the habits you may have and could change to protect our environment. I decided to share some of my favourite photos of the places I ride. THIS WORLD IS SO BEAUTIFUL! let’s all make an effort to keep it that way 😉 - If you’d like to check out your personal carbon footprint, here’s a link (also in my bio): - @hardyccphotos #1

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