Gabrielle Pilote

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See It, Live It, Draw It

the A (ge) Book: The art of Chasing Faces From 1 to 100

Un monde en constante construction, figures changeantes, des hommes, des femmes, dessinant les traits de notre monde par leurs fusains, leur plume, des marqueurs de tout âge, toute civilisation. La promesse de notre relève - le travail acharné de nos confrères - les sages paroles héritées de nos ainés.  Par la mine de mes crayons, je dépeindrai faces, expressions, histoires des figures/pigments de mes journées. 

Un projet audacieux - un livre illustrant toute une génération de 1 à 100 ans.

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ColorIt: Explosion of colour on black and white images. Acrylic on wall, Acrylic on canvas, Oil on Canvas. 

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Women Cycling Comics: Pour passer le temps lorsque je suis sur la route, représentation de certaines de mes compétitrices et coéquipières en pleine action. Aquarelle et papier.

filling the time while I am on the road by representing some of my fellow competitors and teammates doing what the do best: racing their bike and rocking it! Watercolour and paper. 

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The HeART of Darkness: Cadeau offert à l'un de mes bon ami, ex-entraineur de cyclisme professionnel qui aime partager avec ses athlètes et ses amis l'importance d'un équilibre de vie et surtout des connections personnelles que l'on développe avec nos proches. IXIXI, son mantra de vie qui veut dire 99% de "souffrance" pour 1% de magie, représente le genre de sacrifice que nous cyclistes avons à faire dans la réalisation de nos rêves. Cette citation m'a beaucoup inspirer pour réaliser cette pièce, une acrylique sur toile qui joue avec les contrastes de lumière, de couleur, de texture ainsi que de glassy.

This Piece is a gift given to one of my good friends to thank him for all the support and the loved he shares with his friends and relatives. His generousness touched me and, inspired by his life mantra IXIXI, representing the sacrifices that we do in life ( 99% pain and BS for 1% magic) I made this acrylic on Canvas, playing with light, color contrasts, textures and reflects.  

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It's been a while. Welcome back and some new stuff

Hey, it's been a very long time since I posted anything really on this website. I feel like the last two years were really fulfilling and challenging for me. I took some time really try and understand myself and my art. I came to realize that most of what we do reflect our inner selves and by relooking at my older stuff and my newer stuff I can definitely see the growth and the changes I've made in the last couple years. Despite all that, I think it would be cool to update you on what I've been up too. The new stuff is mostly drawings, I have been fascinated by the mastering of markers, let me tell you, people, how hard they are to master.... Drawing is the easiest medium to travel with and as much as I enjoy and I wish I could paint, I find in drawing some love/hate relationship that I've really been enjoying. I hope you like the new stuff as much as I do! 

Anatomy of a heartbreak, pt2. Acrylic and collage on cardboard. June-2016

In Dreams. Ink, markers. Paper. May-2016

Ready, Set, Squirrel! Pens, Paper. March-2016

No Name ( I mean come on, it's Buddha holding Pikachu...) Pens, Paper. April-2016

Cat Wanderlust. Pens, Paper. March-2016

Paris-Roubaix. Trilogy, Acrylic on cardboard. Jan-2016

Game nutter. Pens, Watercolour on cardboard. Dec-2015

Allen Lim's Customised shoes. Ink on leather. April-2016

FruitLoops, because I just love them - they are my heart and soul, I feel like if I could paint myself in one food item it'd be it. pens, pencils, color pencils, on cardboard

Inside my world. ASchleck (left) and KPearce (right). Acrylic on canvas. 2010

Technique trilogy. Acrylic, mediums, hard paper. 2012untitled. water color on paper. 2016

Drops. I always use a wooden board to clean off my brushes and to mix my colors when I paint. One day looking at a long time used board I got inspired by the shape of it and let my imagination go to create this little dino and the crazy snowboarder. Up to today, this is still one of my favorite pieces. It means a lot to me because I think it really represents what is going on in my head. The explosion of things, a little bit of craziness and fun. Also very inspired by warm colors! I believe we always showcase the colors related to our aura! if that's true then I definitely have a warm aura!

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