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don't let unrealistic expectations overshadow the fulfillment of your achievements

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December camp: Putting out some good work just before a bit of rest for christmas 🎄week. Today we did a solid 6,5h ride with good climbs 🥰 thanks @massitactic chicas and staff for a superb day and @emgrant1 for tagging along 😏 Mañana; el último training della concentración! 📸... (🛠,👨‍🍳,🤳🏻,🧹) @ismalopezz 😂

Before-During-After, . @tite.laine I love you, you’re incredible and make me do crazy things like running 3 mountains in 3 hours

The potential for great captions here is endless! @k_asgreen and me working hard at the gram life 😅😅 But bae could be a good Labor model if the cycling thing doesn’t work 📸 @3therese (takes 3 to make one post ) #gramlife #gardening

During one of our first ride together @k_asgreen asked me what was the most important thing for me when it comes to living somewhere, I said without hesitation “I need to be inspired”. One of the first thing I noticed when I came out here for the first time was the sky and its light, how rich and saturated it made the colours! I also told Kasper! “It’s fucking great! I want to paint everything I see! The sky here is so dramatic! It’s like a very good oil painting everywhere I look” just like my artwork, I just want to paint drama and complexity, Mess and distortion, Chaos and excitement, I want to make you laugh-cry-want to scream- give you weird feelings inside- make you peaceful and or uncomfortable, I want to make you FEEL, just like I do. I want to make you CONFUSED just like I am. confused is uncomfortable. inconfort drives progression and growth, AND THATS FUCKING INSPIRING Baby it’s off season, let’s take some time to wander around this new light house of mine together🤙🏼🌼 . . #denmark #light #offseason #outdoors #outsideisfree #wanderaround #outandabout #mandø #art #artistofinstagram #procycling #home