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I’m sorry Ive got the wrong helmet, but I forgot mine at home, little did I know it was gonna be warm enough to take my gravel bike out for a spin! Didn’t plan to bike at all today but I had to go and support my little running monster while she was crushing the 3,50/ K going up the mont royal this morning!!! She was a super star, she impressed all the walkers and I couldn’t be more proud!!! .#marathontraining #mtlmoment #montroyal #notsponsorcorrect #sorry #playoutside #outside #outsideisfree #fromwhereiride #fromwhereirun #running #cycling #twins #superstar #loveher #outdoors

They said ribs hurt until they don’t ! They were right! We did not do our trail running / camping trip as planned, but getting to go out in the mountains today with this little power pocket was pretty special 🤗 Tomorrow starts the biking stuff again! But i’m so stocked my pain is almost completely gone

first day of snow, reminds me of the coldest race ever did 😅

Stocked to announce I will be continuing with @wnt_rotor for the next season! I’m super excited about the new riders that are coming along! 🤪 Giving so much motivation to heal quick and go back to Europe soon 😘🤗🇦🇹 📸 @samisauri

Finishing my trip on a high ! Austria has been great to me, almost didn’t care about the broken rib, I’m so thankful for Esther and Claude to be such generous souls 😊🧡

Monday Morning Motivation - if you know me, you’ll also know how annoying I am with sunscreen, protecting my skin, face masks etc! Ahaha although my training regime right now looks more like grannies walks rather than pre olympic preps, I still get some sweaty slow walk session in everyday 😉 That’s why I gotta take care of my 12 YO face and keep it fresh! few weeks ago I started using these bad boys from @freskincare, the 123Fré is perfect for sweaty bunnies just like me, AND ITS VEGAN ! Im totally hooked, my face as never look so good au natural . I’m telling ya ! you gotta try, go on their page and website, for the next 48h use promo code GABPILOTE25 and get 25% off your purchase! For the boys out there, this also makes for the best little gift 😉 . #freskincare #fresh #babyface #123fre #mondaymotivation #mondaymorning #prettyface #sunscreen #protection #cycling #athleteslife #sweatybuthappy #sweatybunny

Will be signing off for this year. Early end of my season, unfortunately yesterday I couldn’t avoid a crash in front of me and it turned into broken ribs. This means it’s off season! I guess it’ll be easy not to be tempted to ride my bike now ! 😂 Also got to hang a little bit with @clara_koppenburg at the hospital 😅just so glad she’s all good as well. Will see y’all next year! until then, it’s time to finish all my pain meds and then enjoy some Vino for a little bit 😊 #signoff #offseason #roadtorecovery #wntrotor

Make sure to hang out only with the ones that make being weird and quirky seem normal 🤓

Never been much of a dog person, unless they are colourful and lie on white canvas !! 🙃💎

Get up, Go crazy! . Piece of mind: coming from a colder place, i’ve grown up only having about 2 months of warm weather and then we had to get ready for the winter again! Now a couple years living in spain, I don’t think i’ll ever get used to having 25+ weather everyday 😅Ahah I wont lie I find it a little exhausting because I really love the fall 😥Maybe people back home look at this wondering why am I complaining and wishing it was summer still for them! But what can I say! I love cold noses, the smell of fallen leaves, pumpkin everything, apple picking, the first ice crust on the ground (yes I still run and crush it with my boots and it feels the same as when I was 5), beenies, woolly sweaters and so many more! I’m home sick and it’s a struggle 😬 But, get up! move your Butt ! only a few races still and then I get to have all of the above 🍎🍁🍂 . . #fall #getup #girona #homesick #quebec #missit #getupandgo #sweaterweather #lovefall #coldnose #morning