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don't let unrealistic expectations overshadow the fulfillment of your achievements

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#TBT to 2014 when I was racing for the first time on the Iconic climb of côte de Cadoudal for the @GP_plumelec Tomorrow starts a great weekend of racing here in Bretagne and will be part of the @wnt_rotor roster for the two races! I feel much better already and hope my legs and my head will be back and ready for the epic battle on gravel roads and beautiful french country sides. #fingerscrossed #bringiton #builttolast . #roadstoride #thecyclingculture #fromwhereiride #bikefashion #endurance #burningcalories #happyplace #happyracersgofaster #outdoors #outsideisfree #playoutside #roadslikethese #ridelikeagirl #BuiltTolast #teamwnt #ROTORbike #ROTORbikecomponents #2INpower #otefuelled #goodnessin #orbeaorca #RideFightWin #myorbea #OrbeaWomen #orbea #powerwatts

Definitely not the results I was hoping for here at Bira, but with continuous migraines and being incapable of recovering from the efforts I had to call it a day. It’s hard to leave the team like that i’d love to be a better element for the race but I did the best I could until the end! Have to look at the big picture sometimes and pic your battles! it’s not worth to keep pushing when the body isn’t 100% Even if your mind wants to race! you have to box that unreasonable chimp and be smarter ! 🤷🏼‍♀️ 📸 @arne_mill

Been Suffering from migraines since the start of the race here in #bira ! today was a very tough day for me and I was very empty! Hopefully the legs come around the for the next stages 🤞🏻But we now have @aafkesoet in pink and looking forward to defend it 💪🏻 📸 @arne_mill

Find a friend on a rest day, look up the Hypest place in the city, go draw for a few hours = Proper way to do Fácil Dimarts ✨

Sorry for the crazy selfie, I get a bit excited about big rocky mountains !

She’s my rock ! I love her so much. Here’s to the strongest cookie I know, and the most incredible woman in my life! I am so great full to have her as a mom, so loved her and she is so supportive. writing this i’m coming to tears thinking about all she’s done for us! Especially last year, i’ll be forever thankful for her to have come to me in spain and took care of me while i was at my lowest! struggling just to get back to a healthy human state. She’s one of the reason why i get up in the morning and try at my best to give my all to the world every day! Knowing she’s here gives me the strength to strive and try harder every time i fall!!! I love you so much Mom 💕I can’t find beautiful enough words to tell you how much ! but just wish I could give you the longest hug right now ❤️ #toourmoms #happymothersday #liveyoumom #myrock #strongwoman #comingtotears #thankyou

unfortunately today’s ride wasn’t as sunny ! But Pais Vasco is a pretty place to be !

C’est un Départ! After a good race break and some time at home training and enjoying Girona’s beautiful... rain 🌧 Time to hit the road again for Camp 👉🏻👉🏻Bilbao 😍

Only a week off racing and I can’t hold my excitement for the next one ☝🏻 Vivement Durango and Bira 🤩🔥

Good week of training done ✅ A coffee hunt around Barcelona is the best kind of reward