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don't let unrealistic expectations overshadow the fulfillment of your achievements

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We went through all sorts of emotions yesterday. But we turned the tables. And we looking upward. And we blowing that black cloud, the hell away from our heads! And we gonna shine hard again! next stop 🔜 Liège-Bastogne-Liège @classiquesardennes . photo @hardyccphotos

Fleche Wallonne, she’s special, she’s a classy lady a real one, with matching shoes and hat. 😘🇧🇪 . photo @anton_vos

Fridays are good days to take your thoughts for a stroll.... or a bike ride ! To those who work at the office, only a few hours until the weekend 😉 📸@therealrhodri

Being nervous is a good thing. Being nervous means you care. The capacity of caring means the capacity of loving. And we care about what we truly love 💕 😘 . . @therealrhodri again for the beautiful shot

Making time for PREhab. Even 30min off you day can prevent weeks and weeks of recovery for stupid little injuries. - I’m finally able to enjoy only having to focus on being a pro athlete and not a MKG student anymore. It is so hard to balance school work and cycling at the same time, especially if you are a little OcD and perfectionist like I am. Having write over 100 pages on branding strategy and race a belgium #WWT belgium classic the next day is definitely challenging. I am not complaining at all or making any excuses, I am totally owning the fact that I put myself through these challenges. It is very difficult tho and I have to admit I have been struggling at races, the pressure I put on myself to perform is probably the reason why, and I know I have to learn to be nicer to myself and forgive me for just being human! - We are all normal humans, sometimes we do incredible things, sometimes we do shit, it’s normal, it’s life 😉. - BUT FOR THE TIME BEING. I’m very happy to get to enjoy life as a pro cyclist for a couple months and will be back at the brain gain in september 🙃😇.... (still have finals to come but it’s not stressful! I know I am ready, I know I will A it 😘)

Nature is what brings me to ground level. - Here’s an analogy I found today That helped me reground myself in the present: It’s as if I ride life on an elevator from below the ground to up in the skies. Lately I haven’t been riding well, and it makes me feel like I live down below where I have no value to anyone, not even myself. It’s not necessary about the riding or any other achievements or un achievements but it’s as if nothing I do is really satisfying to me. when I feel that way I start to spiral and go back into old self destructing behaviours. This would be the equivalent to pushing the bottom of the elevator to the levels below. The battle between rationality and keep pressing on the down buttons is super strong in my head at these moments. - For me getting out in the nature helps finding peace and fun again. Like pressing the buttons to the up ground levels ! - sometimes it’s a slow process, sometimes it’s goes by quick! - But it’s a great image to meditate on 🙃 So for the next few days I’ll be closing my eyes and focusing on the thoughts of a glass elevator that reaches from far below to way up in the air ☁️🌥⛅️🌤☀️ - if you find that it could also help you! go ahead and find a nice place to sit and feel the warmth of the sun as you rise back to peacefulness 😘

What a week this was!!! what a team! it was such a pleasure to have the chance to race with these girls in some of the prestigious spring races ! unfortunately I’m not the biggest match of the bunch and didn’t have so much to give . But Oh this was very cool! Congrats to my lovely girl @kirsten_wild for make Gent history 2x winner record holder 😘🍾

First when I try to put on a straight face! But it soon transformes into a grimace 🤪 The most amazing thing about growing up is when you stop giving shit about what your face looks in selfies !! 😂 - if you keep reminding yourself that your face always looks good ! no matter how goofy you are ☝🏻 l📸 @therealrhodri

SUNDAYS WITH US !! . it’s when life feels like warm spring days

Sometimes dreaming gives you wings, sometimes you dream about getting wings! All day yesterday I was telling myself, “I BELIEVE I COULD FLY... off my bike” - it was scary. This one wasn’t for the light weight for sure with crazy winds and stuff But for as long as it lasted I had some fun fighting in crazy dutch races again! 😜 📸THANKS @anton_vos ! always there to capture the fun and 🌸🌸🌸🤘🏽 to @cordonragot its good to see you on the top step !

When teammates are more than teammates! Life is beautiful in this way, sometimes you meet people that click with you from the get go! I remember our very first selfie a few years ago up to now, looking at random team photos and it seems like we can’t be split apart 😊🌸 Looking at those little eyes filled with joy makes my heart warm and my cold a little bit less painful and annoying! If you feel the blue today go back in your pics and find shots of you and your best friends 😘#tbt #bestfriend thanks @therealrhodri for capturing the magic 💎 . . . #thefutureisfemale #builttolast #happyracersgofaster #outdoors #outsideisfree #wwt #womencycling #ridelikeagirl #blue #tuscany #joy #teammates #dreamteam

Feed your Daisies with the right kind of soil and they will shine Bright like diamonds 💎 ! yesterday we recon the Strada bianche / today we recov with some glorious italian coffee 😊 . A girl couldn’t ask for more, this is the art of setting up the best performance conditions for saturday @strade_bianche #WWT . . #womencycling #ridelikeagirl #stradebianche #builttolast #performance #dreamteam #tuscany #roadslikethese #outdoors #outsideisfree #happyracersgofaster #showup #surprise #believe

Today’s lesson was: STAY HUNGRY FOR LIFE, but don’t starve to death!! . . I had to practice my hunger. Since it’s sunday and still after 4 years of living in europe, I forget no stores are open on sundays ! I only had a banana at home and a 5,5 h ride to do! Luckily I had my hand on this fabulous pretzel 🥨, they are my absolute favourite, so are long endurance rides! In the end,Some bad planing turned into the cherry on top of my sunday! Now that a good training block is over, it’s time to travel to Tuscany for @wnt_rotor team camp that starts tuesday ! I’m sure you’ll see loads of great teammates story moments happening on our instagrams !! stay tuned, and remember stay hungry 😋 😘