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don't let unrealistic expectations overshadow the fulfillment of your achievements

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so pleased to have spent this morning hanging out with these two little helpers/superstars, talking about all sweet stuff art/bikes/travels and obviously MAPLE SIRUP :) - Huge thanks to @ivanogorman and the kids 🤗 for sure this will make me go a lot faster uphill @coloradoclassicpro

I really hope this kicks off your sunday brightly, As much as it did for me! 😂 My girls are Crazay! but I love them anyway 😚(@aafkesoet 🙈 i’m so sorry ! you’re stealing the shot)

To all my science nerd friends! “If I were to give an award for the single best idea anyone has ever had, I’d give it to Darwin, ahead of Newton and Einstein and everyone else [...] Darwin/Wallace theory of evolution by natural selection is the explanation not just of life on this planet, but of life in general. If life is ever found elsewhere, however different it may be in detail there will be one important principale which it shares with our own form of life. It will have evolved [...] Natural selection not only explains everything we know about life. It does so with power, elegance and economy. It is a theory wich has evident stature, a stature which measures up to the magnitude of the problem which it sets out to solve.” Richard Dawkins

I’m missing my little guy! being sick sucks ! - one piece of meditation: “No detail of life is too small or too humble” Vincent Van Gogh

“I like to challenge myself in my art just as much as I like to challenge myself in training” HUGE thanks to @allenskratch, @skratchlabs for the most amazing support! We’ve been training the hell out of it ! embracing dualities, getting our cakes and eating them all day everyday! Over the last 5-6 years i’ve been coming here to train and always became not only a faster rider but most importantly a better person! if i learned one thing from this guy is that curiosity, grit, kindness and empathy will lead you through any crisis that comes in your way! i’ve learn to become creative in far more then just my art. Art is problem solving and so what can we learn from that? well, when you face difficulties, creativity will allow miraculous solutions! the hand of god is one great example! but the list just goes on as infinity +1 - Also could be more thankful to @samisauri for putting up this amazing little video! the full version in linked in my Bio ♥️💥 #ixixi

if today you need to get High to he By

London bound is a wrap! it’s always such a treat to race on this special course, on the mall and around Buckingham Palace, really makes us feel like super heroes. I’m happy with my ride but a bit gutted about some bad luck striking again, I was caught behind a nasty crash in the final few 100 meters. Bunch a good friends hitting the ground pretty hard , but i’m so so glad none of them are too badly injured. This makes me feel so lucky to be on one of the few teams that are using discs, they are truly a blessing and saved me front facing the ground as well yesterday. Short and sweet weekend in the UK and soon back to the bubble 🙌🏻

Heading out to a race and looking back at some #tbt of one of the most special podium moment ever had ! I may have not finished first that day but ! Can’t quite explain the feeling of helping this little nugget win a race and earn her own spot on the Qc team for nationals that year! #familyiseverything ♥️

we’re not only one dimensional, Cycling isn’t all what defines me. For years I thought I needed to stay focus on this one part of my life, leading to me feeling lost and a little miserable! it’s only when I took more time to my art and realized I could be both a great artist and a fast cyclist that I found my wings again (my pen and my legs) Humans are complexe creatures . SO have your cake and FUCKING eat it too♥️ You’ll be able to rock my art soon! stay posted at @myworldparis 😘

rule número uno; don’t try to be a super hero... TU YA ESTÁS 🤷🏼‍♀️ 📸 @samisauri

When you fall in love for the first time, it’s a feeling that never goes away 📸 @samisauri