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don't let unrealistic expectations overshadow the fulfillment of your achievements

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I really wanted to post a photo in the trails to share the very last workout of 2017 but I was way too frozen to take it! So then it’s gonna be poste ride selfie in my onzie!! 😃 wish you all a happy and healthy new year! My 2017 was the most challenging year of all! Knock on wood that it can only get better from here! cuz over coming adversity always makes you stronger 💪🏻cheers see y’a next year

Haven’t had a real white Christmas in years! This is such a throw back to when we used to be kids and play outside in the snow all day until the sun came down and the air got really cold. We’d come home with rose cheeks and frozen feet to some hot coco and marshmallows before sitting in front of the tv for the holidays programs. These old memories really warm up my heart and I guess they are what makes the whole magic surrounding the winter holidays ❄️ . . . . #winter #whitechristmas #winterholidays #snowshoeing #snowstorm #quebec #memories #throwback #warmmyheart #crosstraining #white #fromwhereistand #christmas #neuville #outdoors #outsideisfree

I can’t believe that this is happening! One cycling most precious gem just passed away and this leaves me out of breath and speechless. It always hit me when friends and other fellow cyclist get hurt while riding their bikes and again comes to show that peaceful cohabitation on the road is crucial! Could cost your life or the one of your friends and fam. All my thoughts and wishes to Jayson’s family 😪 will keep you In my heart for ever. Rest In Peace my friend 😔

So many All stars superstars today in the trails!!! Good job @sentiersdumoulin et @huguesfournel pour la premiere journée de glisse officielle du centre !!!! On était heureux d'être contents!! La saison s'annonce prometteuse cette année!!!

No matter what the goal is, they'll get you ready for D-day ☄️💪🏻

Oh please last exam! You've yet to come !! Want Christmas feels all day everyday- sorry for the pie selfie skills #notsorry

Hihi, we added a new member to our family of happy campers 😻cool stories are made when you dare to go on wild adventures ;)