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don't let unrealistic expectations overshadow the fulfillment of your achievements

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SUNDAYS WITH US !! . it’s when life feels like warm spring days

Sometimes dreaming gives you wings, sometimes you dream about getting wings! All day yesterday I was telling myself, “I BELIEVE I COULD FLY... off my bike” - it was scary. This one wasn’t for the light weight for sure with crazy winds and stuff But for as long as it lasted I had some fun fighting in crazy dutch races again! 😜 📸THANKS @anton_vos ! always there to capture the fun and 🌸🌸🌸🤘🏽 to @cordonragot its good to see you on the top step !

When teammates are more than teammates! Life is beautiful in this way, sometimes you meet people that click with you from the get go! I remember our very first selfie a few years ago up to now, looking at random team photos and it seems like we can’t be split apart 😊🌸 Looking at those little eyes filled with joy makes my heart warm and my cold a little bit less painful and annoying! If you feel the blue today go back in your pics and find shots of you and your best friends 😘#tbt #bestfriend thanks @therealrhodri for capturing the magic 💎 . . . #thefutureisfemale #builttolast #happyracersgofaster #outdoors #outsideisfree #wwt #womencycling #ridelikeagirl #blue #tuscany #joy #teammates #dreamteam

Feed your Daisies with the right kind of soil and they will shine Bright like diamonds 💎 ! yesterday we recon the Strada bianche / today we recov with some glorious italian coffee 😊 . A girl couldn’t ask for more, this is the art of setting up the best performance conditions for saturday @strade_bianche #WWT . . #womencycling #ridelikeagirl #stradebianche #builttolast #performance #dreamteam #tuscany #roadslikethese #outdoors #outsideisfree #happyracersgofaster #showup #surprise #believe

Today’s lesson was: STAY HUNGRY FOR LIFE, but don’t starve to death!! . . I had to practice my hunger. Since it’s sunday and still after 4 years of living in europe, I forget no stores are open on sundays ! I only had a banana at home and a 5,5 h ride to do! Luckily I had my hand on this fabulous pretzel 🥨, they are my absolute favourite, so are long endurance rides! In the end,Some bad planing turned into the cherry on top of my sunday! Now that a good training block is over, it’s time to travel to Tuscany for @wnt_rotor team camp that starts tuesday ! I’m sure you’ll see loads of great teammates story moments happening on our instagrams !! stay tuned, and remember stay hungry 😋 😘

Going above and beyond . . Sometimes you only go above, You reach over the clouds but you stay on earth, grounded, you look at the stars but you keep them up there and you don’t try to touch them. - It’s ok to stay there and not always try to “physically” go 100% if your body doesn’t feel 100, and EVEN when it does feel 100%. There’s a theory I love: the popcorn kernels theory (from my favourite @allenskratch) resumed: you don’t wanna pop them all in one go. Only 80% keeps you golden and you don’t risk to burn the bag. ( cuz you know microwave popcorn, if there’s one fucker burned the whole thing is ruined!!!) Now let’s not do that to our bodies! The point in training is to prepare for the event. it’s still very far! but close enough You need to stay focus and careful! LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE! - today I took this photo when I finished an effort above the clouds! I didn’t finish all of my intervals.#1 it wasn’t mandatory to do them all and #2 I didn’t do it off laziness but because I wasn’t 100% present for it! Sometimes, it’s ok to not to be ale to show up for things, as long as you do it to show up for yourself. REMEMBER. . . I took a big picture photo to remind myself that, I did go above the cloud. Close enough I could look at my stars, but I left them there. And I rode home inspired 🥰 . if you can’t remember to be kind to yourself, at least remember to eat your popcorn 🍿 🤘🏽 . . #showup #abovetheclouds #outdoors #outsideisfree #bekind #itsok #cycling #popcorn #aboveandbeyond #schauinslandbahn #freiburg #dreams #olympics #tokyo2020

make sure to keep your purpose in sights. And to show up for yourself. Keep you accountable for your own destiny. - when life throws curveballs at you, sometimes it’s hard to keep pushing through and to keep up with you daily grinds and healthy habits. For me one thing that changed the game and has helped me reset was to start focusing on : Showing up. To remind myself I needed to show up for my friends, my family, my team but most importantly for myself. We often not to let hardships derail us from our goals we get discouraged by them. If we put a different lens on things we might start to realize that even the hardest difficulties are a part of the process, of our journey. we need to start looking at them straight in the eyes and accept they are as important as all of the things that feel easier. Find acceptance in the process and acceptance in its length. - life has been crazy for me lately, I moved to a new place very far out of my comfort zone. Now it’s all about building a new nest where I can start growing my strong self again and making new routines around here to create my perfect performance enhancing environment! - I also found out I had a bad fungus colony inside of my intestines which explains all of my GI problems! obviously the best way to get over this is to skip all carbs and take some anti fungus until they’re gone ! But as a pro cycling, cutting carbs isn’t much of an option. I did restrict sugars for a while but noticed losses of muscle mass and also felt very crappy and empty in trainings. - Despite all of this, I still need to keep in mind my goals and to show up for myself. - Building my performance nest REBUILDING my muscles Getting stronger, healthier, happier #showup . . . #gains #gymlife #performance #nest #freiburg #newhome #goals #patience #process #takesavillage #procycling #igaveadream #foryourself #stronger #fungus #endurancetraining #core #cycling #happyracersgofaster

Already a week since our first race as a team! it was so weird and amazing and beautiful how we all came together and didn’t have to talk to find each other and know what to do! Now home in Freiburg and looking forward to the next ones/ hopefully hillier ones! I like leading out our sprinters but... I like climbing better 🤭

let us all shine like the sun and bloom like the almonds 🌸🌝

Short and sweet // ice is broke // one family photo in the book // first top 10 //😌I love these ladies

The weekend is here!! (staying away from the conventional, what have you planned for the next days to...) 1 - Have you set any expectations for yourself? What are they? And most importantly, how can you let go of them? 2- Have you set any INTENTIONS for yourself? What are they? What is your plan to follow through with them? . - Our fist race is around the corner ! . - I’d normally expect a result that reflects how hard I’ve prepared. This is not realistic for SO MANY reasons: First when putting life outcomes as expectations you give so much ground to uncontrollables to sink your ship! My satisfaction and happiness really shouldn’t be based on externals but from within (it does sound cliché but Also it very true so what eva....) Also, if you know bike racing, you also know result only really mean .... Well not that much! A bike race has so many variables, it’s one of those Algebras that would take you pages and pages to solve so.... Use the Maple software for your brain and emotions please 😉 And lastly! This may sound negative but, my interpretation of « hard work » is so subjective.... How will I know the result doesn’t actually reflect the reality??? Well, this is very negative thinking and, oh so unproductive! You should really just scratch that off your mental note book! . - MY INTENSIONS: (Show Up) knowing I am stronger/lighter/smarter/ . I may not be healthier and hadn’t race for a while but !!! hey bike race racing is like biking 😂 you don’t ever forget how to pedal, so WILL BE FINE. In me/ In my team / In my village [Dare to surprise yourself] “Out boxing: Gaby the climber” and let her be just a bike racer 🙏🏻. So what there’s no climb? There’s a bike race around the corner !! 😉

You know how maple sirup makes everything taste better? Yup it’s a canadian thing 💁🏼‍♀️ As long as you stick to the maple leafs 🍁 life always goes the sweetest way!! We may have lost the group and forgot @anesantesteban at home but it was a pretty good day after all !

Wednesday talk: on mental issues, yet again! Today is #bellletstalk day and so more than ever it’s time to take time to a knowledge the issues and unite to raise awareness about mental health. I struggle with mental problems myself and like i’ve mentioned a bunch of times before, this is something we need to accept and treat the same as any other kind of “normal” health problems. Too many people over looks on mental disorders and don’t address them nor treat them at all because of shame, lack of knowledge or just because they don’t know whom or where to turn to when in despair. I was lucky to grow up in an environment where it was always seen as normal and acceptable but I don’t know a lot of people I love whom are suffering but not getting help because it’s still a taboo! SO PLEASE, This is something very close to my heart! Today, @bell in order to help raise awareness and support people battling mental illnesses will give 5C to each of these: TEXT MESSAGES/ Mobile phone long distance calls/ Tweets using #bellletstalk / The use of Facebook frames/ Use of Bell let’s talk filter on Snapchat and All Bell let’s talk videos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The ways you can help and get involved are so easy and abondant so no body has an excuse not to get involved ! 📸 @arne_mill

(DISCLAIMER: Sorry for breaking the selfie rule and posting a second in a row) HOW COOL DOES THIS LOOK!!? i think I was bit by some Swiss 🕷 last night ! #newkitday Thanks @cuoreofswiss