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don't let unrealistic expectations overshadow the fulfillment of your achievements

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I sure have loads of mixed feelings about this, Happy with my form in the last day of #lottobelgiumtour but It feels like i’ve been cursed by belgium cobbles! Mechanical at the top for the KapelMuur forced me to stop the race as I couldn’t get a bike change. Bad timing? Bad luck? but good legs! This sport sometimes is heart breaking ! Thanks @anton_vos for capturing a little sun rayon in my day! catching up with @aliactionjackson is always a highlight 😊

Back in the same hotel in Belgium - Back in the cold - Back on the TT beast - Back onto prologue mode!!! The loop just comes back around\ FUll circle !! But this time it’s #lottobelgiumtour

SUNNY SUNDAY! 1000 Lollz it’s been raining here for the last 4 days 😒 So looking back at beach photo albums gives me a little bit more motivation 😇! and make me realize how much I miss my little CamBaby

Ein Bild sagt mehr als tausend Worte?? 😅😂 to my german friends ahahah (I need to practice 😉)

Today was not my day !! Still made the TV cut 😂😉 ahaha That was my #1 job so ... pretty easy 🤷🏼‍♀️ I still love Plouay but maybe next time consider not coming full jet lagged 😬

Take me back to Neverland Only been a day and I already miss it. :( I’ve realized that over the years Boulder as become one of the few places I’d call home, (Montreal/Neuville/Boulder) It’s a select group considering the amount of cities I’ve got to live in. Can’t wait to be back !!

First came to Boulder 5 years ago, on the second day I was here, I’ve met with this guy @allenskratch. That day i’ve learned some very important facts : 1- avocado on fried rice was delicious! 2- @skratchlabs was not only the best sport nutrition out there but also one if not the only one that was directly involved in helping out on the ground great athletes and humans to reach there potential and 3- that I found a family here. Ever since, I’ve come back and left with the overwhelming feeling that I had been too spoiled and incredibly thankful for the generosity of All and the village that surrounds him. Most importantly Ive always left a better person. The one thing I’ve learnt is that Care is the best this you can do. For the ones you love, for the things you do, for yourself, even for the people you don’t like so much! As long as you care, things will be alright. Among all of the things I’ve learned from Allen, this piece of advice will stick with me for the rest of my life. I think if more people cared the world would be a much better place ♥️ This is far from an add or anything fake and cheesy like a bunch of the stuff you’ll find on the gram, I’m truly thankful for this incredible Human to be in my life. So why spending the extra dough on Skratch you ask? Well my simple answer would be, because they care! and so should you! you should care about making sure you get the best stuff for yourself , your family, friends, athletes, etc. I’m off to Europe again for the last races of the season. And will be missing this place ! —Please promise you will care and give back —Thanks for being so beautiful — I love you all . #RealSkartch - Full video in bio. 🎥 @samisauri #skratchlabs #cycling #cyclingshots #roadslikethese #fromwhereiride #roadbikes #roadbike #roadie #bouldercolorado #ixixi #SkratchtheSummit

so pleased to have spent this morning hanging out with these two little helpers/superstars, talking about all sweet stuff art/bikes/travels and obviously MAPLE SIRUP :) - Huge thanks to @ivanogorman and the kids 🤗 for sure this will make me go a lot faster uphill @coloradoclassicpro

I really hope this kicks off your sunday brightly, As much as it did for me! 😂 My girls are Crazay! but I love them anyway 😚(@aafkesoet 🙈 i’m so sorry ! you’re stealing the shot)

To all my science nerd friends! “If I were to give an award for the single best idea anyone has ever had, I’d give it to Darwin, ahead of Newton and Einstein and everyone else [...] Darwin/Wallace theory of evolution by natural selection is the explanation not just of life on this planet, but of life in general. If life is ever found elsewhere, however different it may be in detail there will be one important principale which it shares with our own form of life. It will have evolved [...] Natural selection not only explains everything we know about life. It does so with power, elegance and economy. It is a theory wich has evident stature, a stature which measures up to the magnitude of the problem which it sets out to solve.” Richard Dawkins

I’m missing my little guy! being sick sucks ! - one piece of meditation: “No detail of life is too small or too humble” Vincent Van Gogh