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don't let unrealistic expectations overshadow the fulfillment of your achievements

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Already a week since our first race as a team! it was so weird and amazing and beautiful how we all came together and didn’t have to talk to find each other and know what to do! Now home in Freiburg and looking forward to the next ones/ hopefully hillier ones! I like leading out our sprinters but... I like climbing better 🤭

let us all shine like the sun and bloom like the almonds 🌸🌝

Short and sweet // ice is broke // one family photo in the book // first top 10 //😌I love these ladies

The weekend is here!! (staying away from the conventional, what have you planned for the next days to...) 1 - Have you set any expectations for yourself? What are they? And most importantly, how can you let go of them? 2- Have you set any INTENTIONS for yourself? What are they? What is your plan to follow through with them? . - Our fist race is around the corner ! . - I’d normally expect a result that reflects how hard I’ve prepared. This is not realistic for SO MANY reasons: First when putting life outcomes as expectations you give so much ground to uncontrollables to sink your ship! My satisfaction and happiness really shouldn’t be based on externals but from within (it does sound cliché but Also it very true so what eva....) Also, if you know bike racing, you also know result only really mean .... Well not that much! A bike race has so many variables, it’s one of those Algebras that would take you pages and pages to solve so.... Use the Maple software for your brain and emotions please 😉 And lastly! This may sound negative but, my interpretation of « hard work » is so subjective.... How will I know the result doesn’t actually reflect the reality??? Well, this is very negative thinking and, oh so unproductive! You should really just scratch that off your mental note book! . - MY INTENSIONS: (Show Up) knowing I am stronger/lighter/smarter/ . I may not be healthier and hadn’t race for a while but !!! hey bike race racing is like biking 😂 you don’t ever forget how to pedal, so WILL BE FINE. In me/ In my team / In my village [Dare to surprise yourself] “Out boxing: Gaby the climber” and let her be just a bike racer 🙏🏻. So what there’s no climb? There’s a bike race around the corner !! 😉

You know how maple sirup makes everything taste better? Yup it’s a canadian thing 💁🏼‍♀️ As long as you stick to the maple leafs 🍁 life always goes the sweetest way!! We may have lost the group and forgot @anesantesteban at home but it was a pretty good day after all !

Wednesday talk: on mental issues, yet again! Today is #bellletstalk day and so more than ever it’s time to take time to a knowledge the issues and unite to raise awareness about mental health. I struggle with mental problems myself and like i’ve mentioned a bunch of times before, this is something we need to accept and treat the same as any other kind of “normal” health problems. Too many people over looks on mental disorders and don’t address them nor treat them at all because of shame, lack of knowledge or just because they don’t know whom or where to turn to when in despair. I was lucky to grow up in an environment where it was always seen as normal and acceptable but I don’t know a lot of people I love whom are suffering but not getting help because it’s still a taboo! SO PLEASE, This is something very close to my heart! Today, @bell in order to help raise awareness and support people battling mental illnesses will give 5C to each of these: TEXT MESSAGES/ Mobile phone long distance calls/ Tweets using #bellletstalk / The use of Facebook frames/ Use of Bell let’s talk filter on Snapchat and All Bell let’s talk videos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The ways you can help and get involved are so easy and abondant so no body has an excuse not to get involved ! 📸 @arne_mill

(DISCLAIMER: Sorry for breaking the selfie rule and posting a second in a row) HOW COOL DOES THIS LOOK!!? i think I was bit by some Swiss 🕷 last night ! #newkitday Thanks @cuoreofswiss

Yeah, what I like the most is playing bicycles with my friends !

Today for me was success and victory I will celebrate (at least for a couple hours😉) BECAUSE I SHOWED UP I DARED TO SURPRISE BELIVE I wanted to post a little bit about mental health and anxiety because I think it’s a subject still very stigmatize but yet so common among us! For me, anxiety comes up and many different ways. sometimes I get paralyzed by it and start making hurtful decisions for myself. One of the triggers being the fear of not being good enough. Like today’s workout for example! I’ve done these sets 1000times, over and over again. But yet, since last night i’ve been feeling scared and sick to my stomach just thinking about the intervals and weather I would be able to get through it or not.... What would my coach think of me, what if there are other people on the road that see how lame I am, Etc. I was so scared I took a photo of the road, and I chose a road I know nobody goes just so I could be safe from the shame.... of? Well... this is it, of nothing. Really what is the big deal of the workout doesn’t go well? nothing. This was all just anxiety, driven by nothing really special, but it’s my reality. At times it really destroys my ability to be happy and to feel confident but in the past year, I must say I’ve made a lot of progress in not letting these fears hurt me. One of the biggest trick for me was to learn how to come back into the moment. To focus on the now and to not think about the outcomes. So today, I made sure I was present for each and every minutes of my workout, warm up, interval 1-2-3-4-5, cool down! Before I even knew it was all finish and went as a charm! yes off course if was painful, it’s training, but this is why we race our bikes no? I guess where I want to go with all this is that, presence is what makes very normal dudes and gals accomplish incredible things! Because as they are performing their art (no matter what it is) they aren’t think about where it as to end! Actually, the show must not end! we always have to try to keep pushing and conquer our limits because we done know what/where it will brings us to.

I wanted to chip in the 10 years challenge!!!! From one sport/job to another!!!! 2009/2019 @lara_viec told me yesterday “I see how you’re not an easy daughter to your mother!!” 🙄 ahahha maybe y’a I’ve always had some sort of attraction to unconventional lifestyles 😂 Ok but maybe I’m a bunny when it comes to food! I’m definitely a cat with many lives when it comes to ... anything else !!! Missing the slopes and the FRESH ... air 🤷🏼‍♀️💎

clearly Germans don’t have the same definition of freezing cold like the Canadians 😅 it actually felt like a nice spring ride ahaha , AKA the coldest weather by far here 🤔! Gotta say there’s no such thing as too cold tho when you’ve got the proper clothing 🤷🏼‍♀️ just saying !!

-Power of human -Power of feelings -Powers of words, so beautiful but yet so painful. There are some terribly terribly heavy lyrics but yet so dazzling and stunning, so well written! I burst into tears every time I start the album! @tirelecoyote 👏🏼 / J'ai connu tous les débordements Ceux qui vous arrachent les nerfs Si on les compte en évitement J'ai contourné cent fois la terre Mes satellites sont sous l'emprise Des ondes soumises à la folie Mauvais signal, quand vient la crise Mon seul canal, la nostalgie Je veux faire fondre ton absence J'ai senti ses pouvoirs de glace Quand les flocons ramènent l'enfance Pose tes mains sur mes crevasses Apaise-moi dans le silence - (Tempting to translate this) I wanna melt you absence, I felt its iced powers when snowflakes bring back childhood put you hands on my wounds soothe me in silence . hopefully this makes sense to you! I love the imaging in all lyrics and how metaphors can draw feelings in the most magical way!

What can I say! What a year! Thanks to all my 💎💎 wish you all the best for the next year! I’m excited for all the new adventures to come. 1. Show up. 2. DARE to surprise 3. Believe 😉

PURPOSE COURAGE PRESENCE - Forget about new year resolutions. I came in 2018 fresh and open minded, without any concrete plans but with these three mantras in mind to conquer every challenges I would face. This year ended up being one of the most amazing year of my life! I got so many amazing opportunities and came across and ton of new diamond people that truly changed and rocked my world! I think that the biggest difference was that; - I approached every actions with purpose, - hardships with courage -and moments with presence! Setting mantras was a game changer for me and on my journey to become a beautiful human, a strong athlete and a happier bunny! It will be hard to come up with new words for the next year, but I still have a couple days to make my mind still! I hope you had a great year too! TELL ME; can you come up with three words for the next year? COMMENT BELOW, inspire me - the others - inspire yourself ✨. Love Gaby

#tbt to the great gravelly roads of the bubble. The count down has started only 4 days left to 2018. Amazing how time just flies by if you don’t make sure to slow down and catch the gem moments. There’s no place like Boulder in my heart, it’s a treasure hidden in the middle of colorado, found it 6 years ago and always try to fit a visit in every I can (means when i’m on the continent for longer than 2 weeks) 📸 @samisauri

All packed up and ready to go back home for the Holidays! I don’t even know where to start!! I’m so great full for this year, all the people I’ve met and where the wind brought me! I will do an other post about all my superstars of 2018 later but for now! @kathrinhammes made me realize maybe I am very good at making friends !!ahahah I guess my willingness to believe everybody is a beautiful human at first opens my heart and mind to them and truly had me meet the most amazing people and lived the most incredible adventures! People can call this been naive but I don’t see it as anything wrong, contrary. I want to thank all the peeps that made my most favourite pre christmas training camp ever! firstly @wnt_rotor for providing such support to all of us who came and rode here, obviously my teammies (@kathrinhammes @lisabrennauer @cskoster @clara_koppenburg @aafkesoet) Because they are the best chicas on the planet as far as i’m concerned! and also huge thanks to @auber93cyclisme , @laura_weislo and @sebastiendesplanques for being such help with technical things! @pimheenl to also help with my bike and yesterday’s guys @pellomutillo and @arm6nd0_0rteg0 who finally fixed my bike and got me through the last 12hrs of training. Oufff that was long sorry for that! 43h done and dusted for 2018 !!! let’s see what the next year holds 🥰😘👌🏼