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don't let unrealistic expectations overshadow the fulfillment of your achievements

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Any trainers best friend but any cyclist worst enemy 😰

#tbt to riding in the sun and the warmth in great company! Missing some Midwest sunkiss today as I come back from a freezing one ❄️❄️🍁🍂

I won't complain about my job today! Fall definitely is my favourite weather 🍂🍁loving some old school training for this winter and gotta I'm excited!! #crushingmiles

The most random plans are often the best plans! Lesson of the last few days, being in the moment and letting go of control are often the best patience sharpening tools! Love to spend time with friends during the off season 😍🍁🍂🍁

Last week I met a young boy at the bike shop near my apartment, I needed some help to set up my bike again to ride. It hit me how cool of a kid he was! Last night my heart stopped for a second when I found out a young man passed away after a car accident at the bottom of the climb we all use for training in the city. To then find out the boy that I thought was so cool and had such a great futur ahead was the same than the one who just had that terrible accident. This is horrible and heartbreaking news!!! All my thoughts and prayers go to Clément's family and friends! I really hope we can all learn from that, that rules on the roads are made for a reason and none of us are above them! Wether an illegal u-turn or a stop sign may SEEM useless we all have got to remember ITS NOT. lights, stops, speed limits and so on are there for a reason, to protect our lives and the lives of others. Remember it could've been you, your friends, your girlfriend or boyfriend, your sister or your brother, your kid, etc. For all of you cyclist and drivers out there, don't forget we only got one chance at living, let's not shorten it out with stupid impatience, because at the end of the day, trying to save a couple of seconds or minutes could end up wasting our life or worst, someone else's. 😞✌🏼- mes plus sincères condoléances à la famille et amis de Clément 💛💛

Off season is so much fun you guys!!! Lots of cardio lots of miles and lots of smiles 😁

What a challenge! 404 km and 12h thnks @martin_jeremy and @adamroberge for pulling me ahah!! Also, huge congrats to Pierre Boilard !! Incredible ride 808km in 30+ hours !😱 This weekend was a lot of fun and I wanna say a huge thanks to everyone involved in @defi808bonneville 💛💛your incredible support is very important and welcomed by all the student athletes in this province, great job to all the cycliste who participated 👊🏻SEE YOU NEXT YEAR 😼